Earn money for chating!

 10$ for each 100 messages in a chat

 20$ for 15 short video messages

Get 160$ from Russian people
who want to chat with you in English language

Just think of this:

 How many messages and comments do you write in social networking sites every day?

• How often do you enter the Net when you get bored?

Now you can EARN MONEY for this!

Send us a request filling in the application form in our website

Get to know our manager who will be responsible for counting your salary

Set up Telegram messenger

Start earning money

To begin with, we want to represent ourselves:

We are the English language school called English Show. We have been teaching English language since 2015. Our students are Russian people and people from the former USSA, and our project Native Show is the most successful. It includes an educational Telegram channel and a chat for speaking and writing practice in English language.

Everything goes well. But we have one problem.

The number of our students is increasing rapidly day by day in this chat, so we constantly search for new English-speaking friends.

And we want YOU to be this friend

It is suitable for You, if You:

often chat in different chats and like writing reviews and comments

write (almost) without mistakes and speak legibly

search for a part-time, not time-consuming job

want the time spent in the Net be useful and profitable

How does the Native Show project work?

Every day our students get video messages in English and do tests. The also practice in our English language chat.

What do you need to start earning money?

You only need to have a smartphone to take part in our project. Set up Telegram Apps and take to our NativeShow channel. That`s all. Chat with our students, and we will thank you sending you money. 

How much money can you get?

Generally, our participants earn 150-160$ a month (the last record is 400$). Your salary depends on the level of your activity and involvement. We pay 10$ for each 100 messages, and for each 15 videos up to 1 minute each you get 20$. You get your salary via PayPal or any other convenient ways for you.  

Chat, have fun, relax – we pay money for it.

Our manager will get in touch with you and tell you about the term of your work in our project.

Complete this form to send you request and start earning money!

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info@englishshow.ru   /   +7 (499) 499-03-59

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